Rotary Speaker

Rotary Speaker Effects

A rotary speaker effect is an effect that attempts to reproduce the "Doppler Effect". The Doppler Effect is an audible occurrence in mother nature that is perceived when sounds are emitted from moving objects. The best way to describe this phenomenon is to imagine how the sound of a siren varies from a police car as it gets closer to you and then moves farther away. This principle is replicated by musical gear manufacturers by using an electric motor to rotate an acoustic horn (treble) or drum (bass) around a loudspeaker. This approach sends the sound out in a circular manner, recreating the Doppler Effect. The most common configuration of the rotary (or rotating) speaker effect is the "Leslie", produced by Hammond. Many Leslie-Style rotary speakers have drive controls for introducing distortion into the sound output. Additionally, most units will allow you to adjust the volume, speed of the horn (or drum), and equalization.