Noise Suppression

Noise Suppression Pedal (Noise Gate)

Noise Suppression & Noise Gates have become increasingly popular over the years due to the advent of higher gain amplifiers and more effects pedals in signal chains. These devices control hum and unwanted noise when a guitarist is not playing. Although they can often be used in an effects loop (send & receive jacks on an amplifier or multi-effects pedal), they are most commonly used at the end the signal chain. If you're not sure what a "signal chain" is, please check out the signal chain section on the home page.

Most noise suppressors or gates have a threshold and decay knob. The threshold button sets the level at which the gate/suppressor starts working. The decay knob controls the amount of time needed for the sound to fade out when the input signal is lower than the threshold level. Normally, the decay knob would be set low (as counterclockwise as possible), so unwanted noise below your normal picking/playing (threshold level) would be eliminated quickly.